Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Open House Tasting Featuring Yellowstone Bourbon

Open House Tasting Featuring Yellowstone Bourbon
Saturday, June 29th from noon to 3pm
At the (In)famous Bar
Inside the Clayton Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Boulevard

The Limestone Branch Distillery has been busy as of late. New Yellerstone expressions galore have been released including a new Cuban rum finish bourbon. Also, our barrel picks will be featured…damn tasty, those. Come on by, sip some fab whiskey, and get the lowdown, Brown on the great Yellowstone.

Yellowstone TWCP “Spirit - Leghorn” Straight Bourbon 109 proof…$59.99
Single Barrel No. 23640
Barreled 3/27/19
192 bottles
Yellowstone TWCP “Jeff & Scott” Straight Bourbon 115 proof….$59.99
Single Barrel No. 27117
Barreled 5/20/19
168 bottles
Yellowstone TWCP "Foghorn” Straight Bourbon 119 proof….$59.99
Single Barrel No. 20499
Barreled 2/16/1
Over 5 Years old
Yellowstone Straight Bourbon Toasted Barrel 100 proof…$43.99
Special Finishes Collection
Yellowstone Straight Bourbon Rum Finish 100 proof….$43.99
Special Finishes Collection Finished in Cuban rum barrels
Yellowstone Straight Bourbon 93 proof….$35.99

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