Thursday, June 27, 2024

Gran Centenario Gallardo Extra Anejo Tequila

We scored 2 more bottles!

Gran Centenario Gallardo Extra Anejo Tequila....$499.99
$599.99 is the lowest price on Wine-Searcher

This limited edition is a 100% agave, award-winning tequila, aged in new American and French oak, and finished in Bordeaux casks for an unprecedented taste.

Gran Centenario Gallardo is an unparalleled tequila that pays homage to its land and its founder, Don Lázaro Gallardo, through an exceptionally smooth profile crafted by the meticulous selection and blending of the finest reserves. This new release highlights the perfection of the art of tequila making and the family tradition, a legacy passed down through generations. Gran Centenario Gallardo, a tequila aged in American and French oak barrels, and finished in Bordeaux wine barrels, resulting in unparalleled quality. With an amber hue, featuring prominent notes of vanilla and oak, and a flavor that evokes hints of banana, figs, apple, nuts, and red fruits, giving a long and smooth finish. The unparalleled smoothness, family legacy, and quality in the process distinguish each drop of Gran Centenario Gallardo tequila, born to toast in the name of those who transcend.

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