Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Wild Common Tequila Reposado Nom 1123

Certified Additive Free
Very limited and hard to get!
Wild Common Tequila Reposado Nom 1123...$77.99
Wild Common tequila reposado is lightly aged in used American bourbon barrels. This resting process yields notes of cooked agave, fresh roasted pecans, and raw honey. Building off the incredible foundation of the tequila blanco, master distiller Salvador Rosales Trejo - aka “Chava”, has shown finesse and mastery in balancing these complex aromas and flavors.
MASTER DISTILLER:  Salvador Rosales Trejo‚ “Chava”
ROASTED:  72 hours in Small 12-16 Ton Brick Ovens
Traditional Stone Tahona & Roller Mill
FERMENTATION: Natural, with Agave Fibers
AGING: Ex-Bourbon Barrels
DISTILLATION: 2X in Small Stainless and Copper Pot Stills
(Nom1123 produces Cascahuin, Seimbra Valles and Lagrimas)

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