Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Side Project Brewing / TWCP Single Barrel Beer

Day 1 Emails went out - check your email
Have not sent any emails out today yet - sorry, might be a few hours.  A little behind.

A few emails got kicked back saying they were wrong --- if you think one of these might be you- email

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Remember this stout is not carbonated
"bottled completely still and silent"

The 14 people that attended the barrel tasting at Side Project just got an email saying their bottle is ready!
(the lucky people that won a seat in our 40th Anniversary promotions)
Check your email if you were at the event!!

What a thing of beauty!! Amazing looking!
It is getting real!!!
We have a release date!!
BRC/WRC emails will go out June 19th

Side Project Brewing / TWCP Single Barrel #633 Release update
Last year we went to pick out a single barrel of beer from the cellars of Side Project along with a few of our lucky customers who won the seats in our 40th Anniversary contests. This was the first single barrel ever selected at Side Project! We had an amazing night and picked out a stunning barrel.

"[tasted] it the other day and it is incredible, so happy with the selection. " - Cory King
(of course, that is no surprise, the beer was amazing)

Release details we know right now
  • Price will be $75 per bottle
  • Yield was 264 bottles
  • Release date: June 19th 2023
  • All of those that attended the event will be able to purchase a bottle
  • We will release the rest through our Rewards Club
  • Does not matter if you are in our beer or whiskey club
  • The heaviest portion of the release will be based on beer only sales, we want to get this to our regular beer drinkers and supporters.
  • Based on purchases from December 1st, 2022 until Saturday June 17th at 7pm
  • As usual we will do double points for all of our TWCP exclusive beers (and whiskeys for the not beer part of the release) -- of course that includes Side Project Merci, TWCP 4 Hands Stout and the Perennial TWCP DDH in stock now (and any others we had in the last 6 months or currently.)
  • Other options - some will end up on the shelf - surprise finds - 1 bottle at a time (all stores).  And we have a few other fun ideas too - watch for details in the next month.

Again, special thanks to Cory and Karen King!
This is an amazing thing they allowed us to do!

Cory and Karen King put on an amazing event. We tasted through 5 single barrels.
Single barrels that we tasted!
Barrel #550 - Willett 4 Year Bourbon CSV Recipe 11/7/19 (barreled date)
Barrel #595 - Willett 7 Year Bourbon OH Recipe 02/17/20
Barrel #633 - Willett 5 Year Bourbon Vibes.M Recipe 3/16/20
Barrel #850 - Still 630 3 Year Rye Vibes Recipe 5/20/21
Barrel #856 - Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #2 GEN Recipe 10/6/21

The barrel chosen to bottle as Side Project's first single barrel was Barrel #633

A few pictures from the Barrel Tasting!

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