Friday, April 14, 2023

George Dickel / TWCP 19 Year Old Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey

We are excited to announce a very special single barrel is coming!
The Wine and Cheese Place Single Barrel 
                                            - 19 Year Old Barrel!

George Dickel / TWCP 19 Year Old Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey
Bottle says "at least 15 Years" and it yes it is!!!
  • The Barrel date is February 27th 2004 -- 19 Years Old for our barrel!
  • Yield was only 96 bottles
  • Scheduled to arrive soon.

We will release it through our Whiskey Reward Club.
We are going to mix it up a little bit to allow our single barrel supporters to get first crack at this one.  We have one of the largest selections of single barrel whiskeys in town with many more on the way.  We appreciate the support you give our barrels and we want to reward you with this very limited and rare barrel.

We will release this one based on purchases of our TWCP Single Barrel whiskeys.
  • Based on TWCP Single barrels purchased between  Nov 1st through April 22nd at 7pm
  • Top 50 supporters will be allocated a bottle to purchase
  • The rest will be a weighted raffle, each TWCP single barrel will count as a raffle ticket and we will draw names for a chance to purchase a bottle.
  • Emails will go out April 23/24th.
  • 1 bottle per person

Here is what we currently have in stock of our single barrels right now - click here

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