Friday, April 7, 2023

Our next Planters /TWCP Single Barrel Reserve is getting closer!

Our next Planters /TWCP Single Barrel Reserve

Demetrius is here - tasting has started!

Release party tonight!
We will get it online probably around 4:30-5pm for reservations if you cannot make it to the event.
Demetrius wanted to do a tasting of our last barrel, but it sold out too fast.  So this time he is hosting the tasting they day of the delivery!  Don't sleep on this one, come in and taste this amazing whiskey made right here in Union Missouri!

We have Demetrius Cain (founder and master distiller) on hand 
at our Forsyth location from 4pm-6pm tasting and signing bottles of our latest single barrel!

Where: The Wine and Cheese Place - 7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton MO
When: Friday April 7th from 4pm-6pm

If you liked our previous barrel, you are going to love this one too.  It is a sister barrel to our first one and now it has been aged in the barrel about 6 months longer too!

Come taste and get your bottle signed!
(we will get it online about 5pm Friday)

Planters /TWCP Single Barrel Reserve...$69.99
6+ years old
116.2 proof
Barrels are Toasted and Charred. Demetrius is very open about what he does, but this is one of the secrets he would not reveal. He said it is a hot and slow toasting process but would not say what level.

Mash Bill
51% malted corn (malted corn is a rarity)
22% malted wheat
22% Canadian rye
5% malted Barley

He will also be tasting this out too!!!!
An amazing new "Curacao" liqueur
Locally made!!!
Nobletons Le Bon Liqueur d'Agrumes Orange Liqueur....$26.99
When we met with Demetrius Cain of Nobleton's Distilling House at his distillery about a month ago, he gave us a preview taste of this amazing new liqueur. It is a Satsuma Mandarin orange liqueur that is made from a very old family recipe. He was telling us about his "family crest" which you see on the label-- an alligator with a snake tail. Every one in attendance at the distillery was asking when can we get it! It arrived a few days ago, but just getting it posted now. He was telling how he stuffs the Satsuma Mandarin's in the barrel with the base spirit to age it all together!

Make sure you check out the Le Bon Margarita recipe on the bottle!

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