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Japanese Whisky Tasting with Melissa Ginzberg of Impex Beverages


Japanese Whisky Tasting with Melissa Ginzberg of Impex Beverages
Tonight -- Thursday, April 6th
4:30pm to 6pm
Open House tasting at the Infamous Bar
Inside the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton

Our friend, Melissa Ginzburg, Midwest Sales Director for importer Impex Beverages will be your guide through a tour of the killer Ohishi and Fukano Japanese whiskies. This event will be fun for all kids over 21. Below is the menu for the evening…

Ohishi Sakura Cask 42.7% abv… $74.99
Ohishi Sakura Cask –Ohishi Whisky that is finished in new locally-grown Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Casks for over 1 year. The Sakura cask gives it a slightly smokey note and rich flavor. Note: this is full Sakura cask, not just a barrel head. The Sakura (Cherry Blossom) is locally grown in Kumamoto close to the distillery.The whisky is matured in Brandy and Sherry casks.
The Sakura gives a rich color and soft Oak spice influence to the whisky. A great example of Japanese terroir, this whisky is made with locally grown rice, is locally distilled, matured, and finally finished in the locally grown Oak barrels.

Ohishi Brandy Cask Whisky…$57.99
Ohishi Brandy Cask Whisky is a marriage of just a few casks of whisky that have been matured in ex-brandy barrels. The brandy casks give an elegance of soft oak, vanilla, pineapple and a touch of oxidation and rancio that compliments the silkiness of the rice in a very complex manner.

Ohishi 8 Year Single Sherry Cask Whisky 42.4% abv…$67.99
Ohishi Single Sherry Cask Whisky distilled from rice and is matured fully in fresh Sherry Casks. Big raisins, figs, and oak spice cover the nose and palate. Like sherry cask scotch whisky, but uniquely its own in mouth feel and aroma.

Ohishi 7 Year Islay Cask Whisky…74.99
Ohishi Islay Cask – This year’s version of Ohishi Islay Cask is 5 casks of Ohishi Sherry and 5 casks of Ohishi Brandy Casks finished for more than 1 year in ex-Islay (Bourbon) barrels. This edition is much meatier than the previous iteration. Age is 7 years old.

The Fukano 10 Year Whisky 41% abv… 62.99
Because rice is a clean, sulfurless, distillate it doesn’t require copper stills to produce a drinkable beverage and is instead distilled in stainless steel still and distilled at a relatively low
proof. After distillation the shochu, which would be called new make outside of Japan, is then transferred to new charred oak barrels and laid to rest for 10 years in a warehouse for that more closely resembles a Scottish dunnage than a Kentucky Rickhouse.

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