Thursday, October 27, 2022

Side Project Brewing- single barrel pick!

An amazing night at Side Project Brewing!
A very special thanks to Cory and Karen King!

The Wine & Cheese Place's Forty 4 Forty Contest!
Congrats to all the winners that were chosen to go to the Side Project Single Barrel Tasting!
This is the first time Side Project will release a single barrel!

Amazing night, the comment that kept coming up was that this was over and above what everyone expected!  

Cory and Karen King put on an amazing event.  We tasted through 5 single barrels.
Single barrels that we tasted!
  • Barrel #550 - Willett 4 Year Bourbon CSV Recipe 11/7/19 (barreled date)
  • Barrel #595 - Willett 7 Year Bourbon OH Recipe 02/17/20
  • Barrel #633 - Willett 5 Year Bourbon Vibes.M Recipe 3/16/20
  • Barrel #850 - Still 630 3 Year Rye Vibes Recipe 5/20/21
  • Barrel #856 - Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #2 GEN Recipe 10/6/21

The barrel chosen to bottle as Side Project's first single barrel was Barrel #633

Sitting down for the Barrel Tasting!

And for the bonus round!
We tasted some previous Side Project TWCP releases!

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