Thursday, July 21, 2022

Moonlight Mead!

Moonlight Meadery Brett & Blue...$21.99 / 375ml

Blueberry honey wine finished with Brettanomyces.
14% ABV

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Moonlight Meadery Kurt’s Apple Pie Mead...$13.99 / 375ml
One of our biggest selling meads made from local apple cider with Madagascar-bourbon vanilla and Vietnamese cinnamon spice added. Get your piece of the pie! This mead is a great after dinner dessert wine that is a perfect finish to any holiday meal. Gold Medal winner at the 2013 Mazer Cup International

Moonlight Mead Bourbon Barrel Aged Kurts Apple Pie...$24.99 / 375ml
Apple Mead with Vietnamese Cinnamon and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans
Improving on greatness is not an easy task, however we think we have found a way...
Bourbon Barrel Aged
All the great apple, vanilla and cinnamon flavors you love, and more...

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Moonlight Mead Monkey Bread...$19.99 / 375ml

14% ABV
We went bananas! Banana, Cinnamon & Maple! Reminiscent of Grandmas Monkey Bread.

Moonlight Mead Warm and Fuzzy...$15.99 / 375ml
Peach Mead
A winning combination, honey and peaches with an assertive smack of ginger, not as sweet as you might expect, but ever so delicious. All the elements play together so will see why it's called Warm & Fuzzy

Moonlight Mead Kiss Goodnight Bourbon Barrel Aged Mead...$24.99 / 375ml
Bourbon barrel aged Mead with Natural Flavors. We used certified organic honey from Brazil, Sweet Orange Peel, and Roasted Cacao-Nibs to make this rich sweet beverage, that we are sure you will enjoy on a cold winter eve.

Moonlight Mead Fury Sweet....$19.99 / 375ml
Habanero / Ghost / Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Peppers
Any of the avenging deities in Greek mythology who torment criminals and inflict plagues, that just about sums up the amount of heat that the Habanero, Ghost, and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers contribute in making this one.
Gold Medal winner at the 2015 Mazer Cup International

Moonlight Mead Caress...$19.99 / 375ml
Sweet Tart Raspberry
Dance, play, and above all love! This melomel is a blend of honey and raspberries. The sweetness blend of honey is balanced by the tart raspberry notes, this wine is sweet, the flavor from the berries last long into the finish.

Moonlight Mead Iniquity Mead...$14.99 / 375ml
A sinful double play on the senses. The sweet apple and tart cranberry flavors play off each other and provide a unique flavor sensation that will leave you thirsting for more.

Moonlight Mead Sun Dance Mead...$19.99 / 375ml
Chardonnay Mead
The Chardonnay notes are bright, light and fruity, with the ever so light honey hones in the background with a complex dry finish. Aged for 2 years in the medium toast French Oak Barrels.

Moonlight Mead Utopian Batch #5...$119.99 / 375ml (1 bottle left)
Moonlight Mead Utopian Batch #9...$119.99 / 375ml (2 bottles left)

18% ABV Semi-sweet
Batch #9
Truly a unique mead that offers a flavor not just unlike any other mead but unlike any other beverage in the world. We aged and fermented this mead in hand-selected, Samuel Adams Utopias casks from the award-winning Boston Beer Company. This flavorful, slightly fruity mead has a sweet, complex flavor that is reminiscent of a deep, rich vintage port, fine cognac or aged sherry. Back to back International Mazer Cup winner bronze 2012, and silver 2013. Batch #9 will be available starting in February 2016, aged for 5 years in the oak.

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