Thursday, July 21, 2022

Friday & Saturday Tastings at Spirit Wine & Craft


Spirit Wine and Craft location
5760 Chippewa Street, Saint Louis, Missouri 63109

Tastings on Friday July 22nd from 4-6pm


Baheega Strawberry Lager...$11.99 / 4pk 16oz cans 
Clownvis and Sudwerk present a lager made with real strawberries. 4.5% abv. Clownvis, The King of Clowns, is a charming, crooning jester spreading wonder and joy wherever he goes. "Baheega" is the signature Clownvis salute which means "Let us celebrate the good." As you sip this refreshing strawberry lager, relax, have fun, and think of the good things in life. When you're drinking Baheega, you're celebrating with the King of Clowns.
Bavarian Style Hefeweizen Wheat...10.99 / 6pk cans
An authentic, unfiltered, Bavarian - style wheat ale. Our Weizen yeast provides a distinctive aroma and flavor profile true to its Bavarian roots; spicy, slightly fruity, dry and refreshing. No fruit garnish necessary. 
Marzen Amber Lager...$11.99 / 6pk 12oz bottles
Choice hops and five different specialty malts are combined to produce this rich, amber and copper-toned lager. Sweeter in flavor than Sudwerk's other core offerings, the Marzen has a full robust character with a smooth, zen-like finish.
Funhouse Blackberry Sour...$13.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Sour beer brewed with blackberries. 


2021 Daou Sauvignon Blanc...$14.99 / 750ml
Quintessential varietal character abounds in our 2021 Sauvignon Blanc. Classic aromas of wet grass, pineapple, lemon chiffon and gooseberry are accented by hints of grapefruit, kiwi and lime. Subtle notes of lemongrass and green apple round out the layered and balanced nose. A crisp, zesty palate presents vibrant tropical flavors of pineapple, papaya and dragon fruit. The mouthfeel is full and round, offering secondary layers of melon and quince supported by a solid lemon-lime core. Notes of juicy pineapple, guava, citrus and green apple emerge on a clean, exuberant finish.
2021 Daou Chardonnay...$17.99 / 750ml
The 2021 Discovery Chardonnay leads with a stunning nose of juicy pineapple, freshly sliced pears, lemon chiffon and warm toast. Spicy notes of nutmeg and ginger are highlighted with star jasmine and honeysuckle fragrances accompanied by hints of smoky oak and hazelnut. Elegant and silky on the palate, this Chardonnay offers delectable peach, melon and green apple flavors accentuated by tropical notes of mango, guava, pineapple and kiwi. A clean, exceptionally balanced finish is rounded out with essences of sweet Crenshaw melon, nectarine and papaya.
2020 Daou Cabernet Sauvignon...$26.99 / 750ml
A rich and compelling nose of blackberry, cassis, smoky leather and dried herbs is enhanced with layers of plum and cherry, cocoa and sandalwood. Notes of pencil lead and crushed rock mingle with subtle nuances of sage and menthol. Bold and full bodied, this wine is structured firmly around a solid core of boysenberry and cherry fruit. Supple, ripe tannins provide ample backbone for the layers of boysenberry, black cherry, licorice and dried herb flavors. Fleshy and weighty on the palate while retaining balance and finesse, it finishes long and clean with lingering notes of plum and blackberry.
2020 Daou The Pessimist Red Blend...$23.99 / 750ml
The 2020 Pessimist presents intense aromas of blueberry, cherry, plum and strawberry with undercurrents of lavender and kirsch. The nose evolves with layers of warm leather, truffle, pipe tobacco, black pepper and allspice. Rich and weighty on the palate, this wine delivers a no-holds-barred generosity of bold fruit flavors—boysenberry, blackberry, cassis and plum, underlain by notes of rhubarb, pomegranate and damp forest floor. Subtle hints of black olives, mushroom and tamarind spice concisely complement the balanced and well-rounded flavor profile. A persistent, elegant finish lingers with red cherry and cranberry tones highlighted by hints of dark chocolate.


Duckett Silver Rum...$24.99 / 750ml
Made from 100 percent cane sugar, Duckett Blue is our unaged chill-filtered rum that is the perfect spirit to add to your cocktails. Our rum is truly craft, with small-scale fermentation, batch distillation, and hand bottling by our distillers just outside of St Louis Missouri in Franklin County. We hope that you’ll love our silver rum as much as we do.
Duckett Golden Rum...$29.99 / 750ml
Ingredients: Fermented with 100% cane sugar, spring water, & yeast. 
Distillation: Distilled with a multi-plate column
Filtration: Non-chill filtered (NCF)
Maturation: Blended with rum matured with French Oak
Planters Ozark Highlands Whiskey...$37.99 / 750ml
A robust Ozark Highland Whiskey aged in toasted Missouri White Oak barrels for a minimum of 4 years. Its notes of dark caramel, and baking spices refined and developed. Its finish is nutty and soft.
People's Gin...$26.99 / 750ml
A soft "london dry style" gin, made from a selection of wild Ozark botanicals. The gentle note of fresh citrus, juniper and wild flowers creates a beautiful unique American Gin.

Sangria Tasting Saturday July 23rd from 12-2pm

Swirl Botanicals Sangria Apricot Thyme...$20.99 / 4pk 12oz cans
Swirl Botanicals Sangria Apricot Thyme...$5.49 / 12oz can
Hand-crafted white wine and 100% real fruit with notes of apricot and thyme in a delicate blend that’s truly special.
Swirl Botanicals Sangria Raspberry Papaya...$20.99 / 4pk 12oz cans
Swirl Botanicals Sangria Raspberry Papaya...$5.49 / 12oz can
Starting with a good Rosé wine helps, but adding notes of raspberry and papaya makes it magical.
Swirl Botanicals Sangria Elderberry Black Cherry ...$20.99 / 4pk 12oz cans
Swirl Botanicals Sangria Elderberry Black Cherry ...$5.49 / 12oz can
Elderberry and black cherry come together with red wine for a delicate blend that’s truly special.
Swirl Botanicals Sangria Cranberry Lemon Rosemary...$20.99 / 4pk 12oz cans
Swirl Botanicals Sangria Cranberry Lemon Rosemary...$5.49 / 12oz can
Hand-crafted red wine and 100% real fruit with notes of cranberry, lemon and rosemary in a delicate blend that’s truly special.
Swirl Botanicals Sangria Citrus Peach...$20.99 / 4pk 12oz cans
Swirl Botanicals Sangria Citrus Peach...$5.49 / 12oz can
Smooth and delicious with just the right amount of citrus and peach.

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