Monday, June 20, 2022

Mainova Moinante Curtimenta Branco

We are completely taken with these unique fresh wine from one of the hottest regions in Portugal. Delicate yet intoxicating, they are a beautiful representation of Portugal’s next wave in wine.

2020 Mainova Moinante Curtimenta Branco....$32.99
  • Skin contact wine (skin contact for 3 days)
  • Wild yest fermentation
  • Low sulphites
  • minimal human intervention
  • wax top (more environmentally friendly)
  • recycled bottles
  • recycled lables
Grapes:  25% Arinto, 25% Verdelho, 25% Encrucado and 25% Antao Vaz
Antão Vaz, Arinto, Verdelho & Encruzado join forces for the most crazy textured white from the region we've blossom, mandarin peel and crazy long finish.
Planted in a soil characterized by shale and granite, the grapes are of an integrated production regime, having been harvested according to their perfect state of maturity. Manual harvest, in 20Kg boxes, and during the night, providing a more careful selection and better preserving the aromas. In the cellar, after the first pressing, the grapes were macerated for three days, again being pressed. The must was decanted cold without additives, with spontaneous alcoholic fermentation. Little intervention in the entire process and low sulphurous content.

Located in the Alto Alentejo area, Herdade da Fonte Santa has seen centuries of preservation of its soil, and now with the delicate hand of Bárbara Monteiro and her team (including winemaker Antonio Maçanita), this generous soil is giving birth to some of the freshest wines we’ve tasted from the region.
A terroir dominated by shale and granite, the Mainova estate operates in a unique ecosystem.

Their low environmental impact continues with their packaging. Most of our bottles are made of 100% recycled glass, the paper used on labels and shipping are also recycled and/or with a higher percentage of cotton. 

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