Thursday, May 12, 2022

Wellspent Brewing Co.

Back in stock!!

We are excited to receive a load of Wellspent Brewing Co. 

Wellspent Brewing Co.
2917 Olive St.
St.Louis, Missouri

Hi! We're Wellspent Brewing Company.
We're located in Midtown, St. Louis – an exciting neighborhood of small businesses doing rad things.  Our brewery and taproom, located in an early-twentieth century theater, is a welcoming and comfortable space to enjoy a few of our beers.

Wellspent Kentucky Cold Brew Barrel Aged Stout....$19.99 / 500ml
Barrel aged Stout with Blueprint Coffee
11% ABV
Blend of fresh and barrel-aged stout with coffee. The aged portion (25% of the blend) was racked out of Missouri whiskey barrels from Switchgrass Spirits and Pinckney Bend, blended with the fresh portion, then aged on Blueprint Coffee's Penrose blend. The result is a rich, weighty (but not overly sweet) stout, evocative of Blueprint's excellent espresso. Please, for the love of all things, DO NOT age this beer. Treat our adjunct stouts like IPAs: keep cold and drink fresh before all those delicate aromas flavors fade.

Wellspent Extra Pair of Gloves Barrel-Aged Cherry Sour Ale...$19.99 / 500ml
9.8% ABV
Barrel aged in wine barrels with cherries, vanilla and cinnamon
Our celebration of the changing seasons. Extra Pair of Gloves is a blend of ales aged for 18-24 months in wine barrels with our mixed culture. The blend was conditioned on whole cherries with a touch of vanilla and cinnamon for 3 months before packaging. The bottles conditioned for another 6 months before release. "Yeah - we're in the rockies..."

Wellspent Mister Maraschino Barrel Aged Stout...$35.99 / 500ml
Bourbon Barrel aged stout with Cacao nibs and Luxardo cherries
Imperial Stout with cacao nibs and Luxardo cherries, aged in bourbon barrels for 15-18 months. 13% ABV.

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