Sunday, June 12, 2022

Double Cross Vodka

Double Cross Vodka...$28.99 / 750ml

Spring Water from the Tatra Mountains

    Double Cross Ultra Premium Craft vodka begins with water from an aquifer 200 feet below the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia, the birthplace of traditional old world vodka. This distinctive mineral composition gives our vodka a smoothness beyond traditional craft vodka.
Cold Harvested Winter Wheat
    Our estate grown winter wheat is cold harvested for an exceptionally crisp, clean character with a bright, yet smooth and round mouth feel. We then distill and filter our vodka 7 times, through diamond filters, to ensure purity and ultra premium quality in every batch.
40% abv.

Mouth feel
Round, smooth texture that’s as delicious straight as it is mixed.

A warm, medium-long finish leaves you with a dry, clean palate.

Subtle and quiet with hints of citrus and white chocolate.

Silky and creamy. Balances with bright flavors of white pepper and lemon zest.

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