Sunday, June 12, 2022

Astarbe Sagaroda Sidra


 Astarbe Sagaroda Sidra...$9.99 / 750ml   

    The year 2017 in the Basque Country will be remembered for its historic harvest. The climatic conditions and the overlap with ‘the year of the apple’* have created a rare harmony between quantity and quality. The short winter and the mild start to spring sped up the maturation process and increased the percentage of sugars and yeasts. The resulting cider is fruitier, more explosive and longer-lasting.

After the harvest — which this season started on September 20th — the apples are selected, pressed and left to sit for 24 hours. Under strict temperature conditions, the must is transferred into wooden casks or ‘kupelas’, where alcoholic fermentation — and subsequently malolactic fermentation — take place. The cider rests and ages in casks on lees for two months before it is ready to be drunk, straight from the barrel in the traditional ‘txotx’ ritual. The cider is bottled, unfiltered, in June.

    Long and dry on the palate. A balance of acidity and bitterness to begin, with fresh hues and herbal notes. Dry and balanced in the mouth with a long finish and tannic tertiary flavours. The good balance between acidic and bitter means this cider has a long shelf life once bottled, and is reminiscent of traditional ciders.

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