Thursday, April 14, 2022

Nelson Bros. Whiskey Reserve Bourbon

Say good-bye to Belle Meade
"Sadly, it's being taken out of national market, but not eliminated altogether." - Belle Meade

"Belle Meade will be a TN only release, but not eliminated. The new Nelson Brothers brand (along with Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey) will both be available nationally by summer or before." - Belle Meade

We bought what we could of Belle Meade that was left in town.
We have some regular and Cask Strength left, but not much - click here to order those


Nelson Bros. Whiskey Reserve Bourbon...$49.99
107.8 Proof
The process begins with selecting the choicest lots of well-aged bourbon barrels in the Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery inventory. These barrels would craft the ideal foundation of flavor and fragrance to forge this truly premium and balanced expression. Once singled out, the exceptional sources are expertly batched into a superior, high-proof blend, rich with rye, and redolent of dark cherry, caramel, and spice. The result is Nelson Brothers Reserve, a bourbon certain to startle and delight anyone who comes within sipping distance.

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