Thursday, July 29, 2021

Pratt Standard Cocktail syrups


Pratt Standard True Ginger Syrup...$16.99 / 16oz bottle
Our best-selling True Ginger Syrup is made from whole ginger root and organic cane sugar, as opposed to extracts used in most commercial ginger beer. We painstakingly peel and juice fresh ginger root to give your cocktails a spicy ginger kick. We put a whole pound of ginger root in every bottle, so you're not paying for sugar water with a little ginger flavor.
This concentrate syrup is great mixed with club soda or seltzer to make homemade ginger beer. We recommend a 1:4 ratio of our ginger syrup to club soda. If you prefer a beverage closer to ginger ale, a 1:6 ratio may be more appropriate (this means you get 32 ginger beer cocktails out of every bottle).

Pratt Standard True Grenadine Syrup...$16.99 / 16oz bottle
Unlike other grenadines, our True Grenadine Syrup is made the original way, without dyes or corn syrups. By using two kinds of pomegranate juices and cane sugar, our grenadine is sweet and tart. Pomegranate juice was the original base of grenadine until the WWI blockades forced the switch to cheaper cherry flavorings.
Our grenadine can be used to make many classic cocktails, as well as an authentic Shirley Temple when mixed with ginger ale. Use it in place of simple syrup in any recipe to make a pomegranate version of that cocktail!

Pratt Standard True Rich Simple Syrup...$16.99 / 16oz bottle
Our True Rich Simple Syrup is made from high-quality raw demerara sugar to bring extra texture and mouthfeel to your favorite cocktails. Demerara sugar more closely resembles the sugar used when the cocktail industry first blossomed in the late 19th century. It contains more molasses than today's refined sugar, which is chemically stripped of molasses and hyper-concentrated using bone char.

Pratt Standard Old Fashioned Syrup...$16.99 / 8oz bottle
Our Old Fashioned Syrup was crafted to ease the cocktail making process. Every bottle has the exact blend of flavors you’d normally get from using rich simple syrup and bitters. Just mix your favorite whiskey, stir with ice, garnish with an orange peel, and boom -- a perfect Old Fashioned, every time.

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