Thursday, July 29, 2021

Walker's Cay Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Walker's Cay from King Spirits
Founder Steven Busch (son of August A. Busch III)

Walker's Cay Straight Bourbon Whiskey...$31.99
Finished with Sherry Cask Staves

Mash bill:
  • 70% Kentucky Corn
  • 21% Winter Rye
  • 9% Malted Barley
Like its namesake Bahamian Island, Walker's Cay represents a touchstone of the fisherman's lifestyle; sophisticated yet humble. Our passion for saltwater fishing inspired us to capture the essence of the island lifestyle in every bottle.
As a nod to our family's brewing heritage, Walker's Cay is aged in new Missouri oak barrels and finished on sherry cask staves for a rich and balanced taste, with warm vanilla and sweet caramel undertones.

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