Friday, July 30, 2021

Trincheri Vermouth

Trincheri Vermouth Rosso...$21.99
Rosso Vermouth
Bright and deeply aromatic. A brooding blend of botanicals from cold extraction, including Roman Artemisia, Cinchona Bark, Ginger Root, Burmannii Cinnamon, Whole Clove & Nutmeg, Orange & Lemon Peel, Vanilla Bean, Star Anise.

Trinchero Family Estates has been making premium wine in Napa Valley since 1948. The founder, Mario Trinchero, was born in the prestigious Piedmont Italy wine region, immigrated to New York City and became a bartender at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria and Barbizon-Plaza hotels, moved to Napa Valley to start a successful winery, and later created a distinguished vermouth for its tasting room.
Today, Trincheri Vermouth celebrates the family’s heritage in Italy, New York, Napa Valley as well as craft cocktails everywhere.

Trincheri Vermouth Dry...$21.99
Vibrant and decidedly complex. A delicate infusion of 13 botanicals from a month long cold extraction process. Crafted from French Colombard grapes and fortified with Pale Dry Sherry, the botanical blend features:
Roman Artemisia
Cinchona Bark
Orris Root
Ceylon Cinnamon
Lemon Peel
Tansy Herb
Juniper Berries

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