Sunday, December 27, 2020

Smooth Ambler


Smooth Ambler Big Level Wheated Bourbon...$49.99

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(100 Proof)
Big Level Bourbon is a wheated bourbon 100% mashed, distilled, aged, proofed, and bottled at the Smooth Ambler distillery in West Virginia. No chill filtration.
Mashbill: 71% Corn, 21% Wheat, 8% Malted Barley
Aging:  5+YO spirit, aged in #4 char 53-gallon barrel
Tasting Notes:
Toffee and pancake batter on the nose. With pleasant warmth in the mid-palate. Lingering finish. Lots of pecan pie.

Smooth Ambler Contradiction...$37.99
Compare to $47.99 at Total Wine and More St. Louis
Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskies
92 Proof
At Smooth Ambler, after we began merchant bottling the whiskey we call Old Scout, it occurred to us that at some point it may be fun and interesting to blend a little of the delicious bourbon we source with the smooth and sweet wheated bourbon we distill here in West Virginia. With that notion in mind, Contradiction was born; a blend of whiskey we make with whiskey we do not. Contradiction is non-chill filtered and is full-bodied, with notes of dried fruit and butter rum, and has the end-result of tasting like a four-grain bourbon.
Mashbill: Merchant bottled bourbon made with corn, rye and malted barley married with homemade bourbon made with corn, wheat and malted barley.
Distillation Process: Continuous column distillation and pot distillation.
Aging: A blend of different straight whiskeys, there are different ages represented in Contradiction. The majority whiskey is more than 9 years in age.

Smooth Ambler Old Scout Bourbon...$34.99
Compare to $35.99 at Total Wine and More
Old Scout Bourbon, bottled at 99 proof, is a high-rye recipe bourbon sourced from Indiana. Straight bourbon whiskey, it is blended in limited, hand-selected batches without chill-filtration, and enjoys the bold character we think excellent bourbon should deliver.
• Mashbill: 60% Corn, 36% Rye, 4% Malt. A high-rye bourbon.
• Distillation Process: Continuous column distillation.
• Aging: Approximately 5 years old, non-chill filtered.
• Source of grains:Grains from a variety of sources.
• Annual Production: 8,000 cases.
• Tasting Notes: Sweet and smooth, with notes of butterscotch, leather and cherry pipe tobacco, it is exceptionally drinkable and enjoys the bold character we think excellent bourbon should deliver.

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