Saturday, December 19, 2020

Forty Creek Limited Edition Canadian Whisky

Forty Creek Resolve 2020 Limited Edition...$71.99
Canadian Whisky
This limited release premium whisky is a tribute to Master Blender Bill Ashburn’s dedication and resolve to create some of the most awarded Canadian whiskies over the past 20 years. This smooth and complex whisky has an elevated spice profile rounded out with a drop of vintage Villard Noir Port.

Forty Creek Victory 2019 Limited Edition...$71.99

Forty Creek Victory continues our tradition of experimentation in aging with unique types of wood. Our Master Blender hand-picked only his best Canadian Whisky to further age with the addition of High Vanilla wood staves, resulting in a flavour that is signature Forty Creek. Our 2019 limited release, Forty Creek Victory, is made in commemoration of the 205th anniversary of the Engagement at the Forty – a battle during the War of 1812 which occurred mere steps from where the distillery now stands.

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