Monday, December 17, 2018

Bapt & Clem's Rum Foursquare 5 Year Old

Bapt & Clem's Rum Foursquare 5 Year Old...$51.99
Origin: Barbados 
Distillery: Foursquare 
Age: 5 year old 
1650 bottles made
The history of Rum in Barbados:
 A small island and micro state on the border of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Barbados is sometimes considered the birth place of Rum. The oldest rums come from the island of Barbados (from the beginning of the 17th century). Unfortunately, the sugar industry disappeared on the island, but Barbados never stopped producing high quality rums. Pot stills are still present alongside column stills. Distilleries are technically very advanced especially in fermentation, a key to the aromatic richness of rums from Barbados. 

Foursquare Distillery:
Foursquare Distillery occupies the site of a former sugar factory founded in 1636. Closed for years, David Seale reopened the distillery and modernized it. Richard Seale is currently the distiller. Richard produces rums made from pot stills (rich and persistent) that are blended with single or double column distilled rums. The assembled rum is thus more accessible. Only the heart of the distillation is preserved in the both cases. 

Bapt & Clems – 
Foursquare 5 years old The rums selected by Marc Darroze (although this is already true for most Foursquare Rums) are pure, without any sweetening. After several years of aging in Barbados, these rums finish aging in Gascony in small casks that previously matured sweet Jurançon wines. 

Tasting notes: Straw color, brown tints. A very fine nose marked by herbal aromas (hay, verbena, tea), fruity (citrus, white peach, mango) and pastry (brioche, custard). In the mouth, the attack is supple. We find again these aromas of fruit, cakes, butterscotch, fine spices. Beautiful length.

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