Friday, December 7, 2018

Read our emails...

If you signed up for our emails and you are not receiving them - add this to your preferred senders...this is address we send our emails from.  This might help.

Another option - just check out blog each morning...
I will post the link to the email here on the blog after we send them.

Recent emails - 

December 7th
Beaucastel CDP 99 Points! - Pappy Raffle +Bourbon Aged in Side Project D10 Barrel + Scotch Tasting tonight

Previous emails - click on them to read.

Some of the info and prices might not be relevant anymore.  Just for info in case you missed them.

Pappy Van Winkle Info + 98 Point Riesling + Taste 100 Point Wine today + Michters Rye

100 Point Solaia + Plus we have a date for Pappy Van Winkle Raffle

Beer Issue - Fat Orange Cat + Decadent Ales + NH Dragon's Milk Smores and TWCP Maman Raffle 

Taste 100 Point Wine + 1792 Full Proof our single barrel + Orin Swift 8 Days 

November 24
Taste 98 Point Chardonnay today at all locations! Scotch Tasting coming up

November 23
Black Friday Sale - 100 Point Wine + Whiskey Raffle Info

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