Friday, April 27, 2018

Sunora Bacanora

Sunora Bacanora are Mexican produced agave based products but it is a Missouri owned company. Ruben Lopez, the owner, was born in Sonora Mexico but moved to Missouri 45 years ago when is father worked for Chrysler in Fenton MO. When Ruben retired from his career in the FBI his uncle in Sonora Mexico asked him to help develop a commercialized bacanora category and brand. 

“Bacanora is the agave spirit millennials have been looking for. It’s the missing link between tequila and mezcal. It tastes better than tequila, but it’s way friendlier than mezcal. And we’re very, very into it!”
                 — BON APPETIT, JULY 2015

Bacanora is carefully hand-crafted in small batches to assure it meets the high standards set forth by its original makers, several generations ago.
In old-style tradition, the cores (or piñas) of the harvested Agave Pacifica are first roasted in stone pits lined with mesquite wood and charcoal. To release their juices, the cooked piñas are crushed using large stone wheels pulled by donkeys. The juice is then carefully fermented then triple distilled for purity.
This simple, old-world method is the secret behind Sunora Bacanora’s alluring flavor: dry, complex, and peppery with a smoky, earthy finish.

Sunora Cream de Bacanora....$23.99
A 30% proof delicious Bacanora cream with a blend of rich dairy cream and coffee mocha flavors.
For years, locals have blended Sunora Bacanora with rich dairy cream and deep, dark mocha to produce a deliciously decadent cream liqueur that has remained relatively unknown north of the border. That is until now. Experience the seductive taste of Sunora Cream De Bacanora for yourself. Enjoy it chilled, over ice or swirl it in coffee. Better yet, try it in your favorite cream cocktail.

Sunora Bacanora...$39.99
100% Agave Pacifica
An 84% proof agave featuring a slightly smoky nose with a smooth crisp taste.

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