Thursday, April 5, 2018

Seven Fathoms Cayman Island Rum

This is one fantastic rum aged 42 feet in the ocean.
Exclusively at The Wine and Cheese Place in St. Louis.

Seven Fathoms Cayman Island Rum...$44.99
Next lowest price online is $59.99
Cayman Island Premium Rum
Seven Fathoms Premium Rum is a handcrafted, artisanal premium rum that is distilled locally in small batches exclusively in the Cayman Islands. Unlike any other rum, Seven Fathoms is matured under water at a depth of seven fathoms (42 feet). This unique and innovative maturing technique creates superior characteristics and complexity. Seven Fathoms is a distinctive spirit made by meticulously aging the rum underwater in the pristine Caribbean seas giving Seven Fathoms a depth of flavor and smoothness that is incomparable. Seven Fathoms 80 proof rum, is a limited production premium rum, created in individually numbered batches. Experience the waves of flavors!

Cane & Copper: We start with the harvest of fresh organic cane at the farms of Grand Cayman’s East End. Traditional West Indian techniques and our Christian Carl copper pot still transform fresh cane juice into young rum, carefully guiding its every step by hand.

Cask & Currents: We escort the rum in American white oak bourbon casks to a secret location off the Cayman coast. Anchored at 42 feet, an exact seven fathoms deep, our hand-crafted rum enjoys underwater currents that rock the spirit gently and consistent temperatures like nowhere on land.

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