Thursday, April 5, 2018

Navazos Palazzi - very limited spirits

Navazos Palazzi Cask Strength Rum Oloroso Casks...$104.99

  • Rum Cask Strength Oloroso Casks.
  • Bottled July 2014
  • 15+ Years old
  • Aged 5 years in Bourbon Barrels
  • Aged 10 years in Oloroso Sherry Casks
  • 1,500 bottles released

This rum, distilled from Caribbean molasses, spent the first part of its life aging in refill bourbon barrels in the Antilles and then shipped to Jerez and  transferred in Oloroso casks. Bottled straight from the solera at cask strength.  32 casks have been acquired by Navazos Palazzi team, enough to release 1,500 bottles per year for 4-5 years to come.

Navazos Palazzi Overseas Malt Whisky....$89.99
  • Bota #12 Single Sherry Cask
  • Cask Strength bottled in 2017
  • 900 bottles produced
  • Non age statement, but about 7 years old.
  • 52.5% ABV
100% Malted Barley aged 3 Years in Scotland and then sent to Jerez, Spain at 63% full proof and then aged 4 years in Spain.
The Overseas Malt line is comprised of a total of 8 casks, with one release per year.  This first release is a single cask, cask #12, bottled unfiltered and undiluted in 2017.

Equipo Navazos and Nicolas Palazzi, in their quest to offer the spirits connoisseurs a chance to taste exceptional distillates, present "Oversees" Malt Whisky Navazzos-Palazzi. This whisky is made from malt grown and distilled in Scotland and has spent almost all its life in Spain, aging in casks that once contained Palo Cortado Sherry. It is bottled straight from "bota #12", a single cask, at cask strength.

Navazos Palazzi Bota Punta Spanish Malt Whisky...$89.99
  • 52.5% ABV
  • 10 years old
  • 900 bottles produced
It was 10 Years old at bottling, distilled in Spain from Spanish Malt. This 2017 bottling is sourced from the same batch of casks as Navazos Palazzi's previous Spanish malt releases. The spirit is rested at full proof in freshly emptied Oloroso Sherry Casks. This is the "Bota Punta", the cask at the beginning of the bottom row of barrels. The casks ages in a special way: due to its location it is often subjected to more air and light than the other casks in the solera. As well, it is more aerated, as the Bota Punta is the cask most often used to sample distillery guests. This 2017 release is one of 900 bottles, unfiltered, undiluted, and cask strength.

Navazos Palazzi Cask Strength Barrel Aged Gin...$79.99
  • Aged 4 years
  • 42.5% ABV
  • 900 bottles produced
Crafted from neutral grain spirit distilled in Piedmont, Italy. The fresh spirit is then sent to Belgium, where it 's married with Spanish botanicals sourced by Navazos-Palazzi: Juniper berries, coriander, angelica, lemon peel, sweet orange peel and bitter orange peel. The spirit's proof is gently brought to roughly 60 before going into four single casks, which previously held first fino sherry, and then brandy de Jerez. After four years of rest, the first of these casks, Cask #55 has been bottled unfiltered for release in 2017

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