Thursday, April 12, 2018

Four Roses Single Barrel 100 proof OBSV

Four Roses Single Barrel 100 proof OBSV....$37.99 
Aged 7 years 5 months
Warehouse: LE
Barrel No. 74-1F
35% Rye Mashbill
216 bottles produced
Rich and fruity with spicy finish.   Great nose with some vanilla and oak that is well integrated into the flavors.     This barrel turned out fantastic.  We are excited about this new single barrel.

The other two barrels are waiting on registration - one should arrive next week

Got to taste 12 different barrels

My signature on the three barrels I chose


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Is there an 11 year OBSV coming?

Paul Hayden said...

Yes, that one is still coming -