Tuesday, April 10, 2018

WRC - Bourbon Barrel Raffle

We will use our Whiskey Reward Club to release 

BRC Emails started going out

  • Day 1 - Sunday
  • Day 2- Monday
  • Day 3 - Tuesday  -- emails finally sent.
  • Wednesday no email
  • Thursday - Last emails went out

  • Blantons Bourbon
  • Angels Envy Cask Strength
  • Rieger Monogram
  • Weller 12 Year Old 750ml, liters, and 1.75
  • Eagle Rare 10 Year Old
  • Col E.H. Taylor Rye
  • Col E.H. Taylor Small Batch
  • Sazerac 6 Year Old
  • Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
  • Weller Special Reserve 750m and 1.75
(as always, make sure you give your phone number at the register each time you check out if you are a member of our WRC and/or BRC)


Unknown said...

Any updates on when the drawing for these bottles will take place?

Paul Hayden said...

Should be later in the week.