Friday, July 21, 2017

Old Danish Braggot is back

Dansk Old Danish Braggot...$21.99 / 750ml
Brewed from according to an old Danish recipe from 1700
"Old Danish Braggot is based on an 18th century recipe and is brewed according to old Danish traditions by Dansk Mjod A/S in collaboration with Orbaek Bryggeri. Old Danish Beer is brewed with Vienna and Munich malts, select hops and ginger, and the good water from Orbaek. It is blended with GI Dansk Mjod. Old Danish Braggot is a BLEND of a fully brewed/fermented & matured strong ale with a fully brewed/fermented/matured mead." -- importer
Strong ale: about 7% alc/vol, using vienna malts, munich malts, caramalts

"As there is no "standard definition" of "Braggot" developed yet just different versions/interpretations such as:- Should be fermentable honey & fermentable malt put together in the mash tun or - Honey can be added to fermentation tank or - Honey can be added to maturation tank {most would reject this definition}" -- importer

"Old Danish Braggot is best chilled and can be drunk to almost everything. History tells us that the Vikings drank Old Danish Braggot called Mjonsol at festive occasions as a special treat for kings." -- brewery

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