Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Blanton's Bourbon raffle

Emails sent, thanks for your interest!

There were a few people that signed up that already got Blantons this year and some that were not in the WRC.  Sorry had to take you out of the raffle.  

We are continuing to mix it up to get these Bourbons spread out a little bit.  We are doing this one a little different.  Read carefully.

Raffle Method
A chance to PURCHASE a bottle of Blantons Bourbon

Guidelines: please read

  • You must be a member of our Whiskey Reward Club - WRC - you must have signed up before today (July 19th)
  • If you received a bottle of Blantons from us this year, you cannot enter. (when we draw the names, we will check your WRC account to make sure you have not purchased one this year already)
  • Deadline to enter is July 20th at 7am.   The drawing will be done after that.
  • If your name is drawn, you will be contacted and you will have 7 days to pick up the bottle (or have it shipped)
  • We will draw the exact number of names as bottles that we received.  
  • Instead of making this one the fastest finger, you have about 14 hours to enter into the drawing.  
  • You can only enter online.  Please do not call the store or try to sign up in the store.  We will only print out raffle tickets from our online store to use in the drawing.  Any other sign ups will not be added to the drawing.
  • You may only enter once, duplicate entries will be thrown out. 
After you go to the link below, click the "add to your cart" and then "check out" to sign up for the raffle.  Follow all the instructions to check out.Your credit card will not be charged for anything even if you enter it.  But you can also choose "Gift Card" to pay, that way you do not need to add a real credit card if you do not want to.  You can choose which store you want to pick up when you check out.  

Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon...$53.99
"The finest bourbon in the world comes from a single barrel. That’s the way Colonel Albert B. Blanton first bottled his private reserve bourbon nearly a century ago. Blanton believed the “center-cut” or middle sections of Warehouse H were the best for aging his bourbon. Personally tasting and choosing each barrel, these barrels were reserved and bottled for ambassadors, dignitaries, family and friends becoming the world’s first single barrel bourbon. His time honored tradition lives on today as only a handful of barrels fro

m the center of Warehouse H are selected to become Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon."

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