Thursday, July 20, 2017

House Wine CANS

We sampled them Saturday and people loved them - 
We stocked up!  Come and get it at Forsyth!
Perfect for coolers:
Floating, camping, fishing, patio, parties in the park, swimming pool, beach -- anywhere you cannot bring glass.
Wine drinkers now have cans like the beer drinkers!
House Wine Chardonnay...$4.99 / 375ml CAN

House Wine Red Blend...$4.99 / 375ml CAN
House Wine Rose...$4.99 / 375ml CAN
Created in 2004 by acclaimed winemaker Charles Smith, House Wine was designed with the goal of providing maximum value and quality in an iconic minimalist package. House Wine brings great wine, at a great price, to any great occasion. Box, bottle, or can, we invite you to find the perfect House Wine and make it yours.
Our house is your house.

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