Friday, November 17, 2017

Very limited Bourbon Releases

Old Ripy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey...$42.99 / 375ml
52% ABV
Batch #1
Hailing from county Tyrone, James Ripy left Ireland in 1830 and settled in Anderson County, Kentucky.  In 1839, after renouncing his allegiance to Queen Victoria, Ripy became a naturalized American Citizen.  He opened a distillery that produced Old Ripy Bourbon in 1868,  Batch #1 is a tribute to the style and consistency of the original Old Ripy bourbon with a complex delivery of oak, toffee and spice.

Bond & Lillard Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey...$42.99 / 375ml
50% ABV
Batch #1
William F. Bond and Chrstopher C. Lillard partnered to create a golden, delicate style of Kentucky Bourbon -- before prohibition.

Bond and Lillard was highly revered and awarded The Grand Prize at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair


Anonymous said...

Does Old Ripy and WT Rare Breed come from the same warehouse?

Paul Hayden said...

I am not sure. That is all the info I have on it.