Thursday, November 16, 2017

New Wild Turkey Master's Keep Decades

Whiskey Advocate #3 Whiskey of the Year 

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Rank: 3
Year: 2017
Score: 94

Wild Turkey often exhibits a delightful earthiness, and when earth meets sweet in whiskey, it’s a beautiful thing. Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Decades achieves a rich texture where deep-tilled soil, fresh-cut grass, and mushrooms meet leather and dark chocolate, followed by dill, oregano, and oak. Caramel and vanilla explode over a heavy dose of cinnamon. Master distiller Eddie Russell mingled barrels ranging from 10 to 20 years old in order to strike this balance and complexity. His method displays the potential of combining extremely old stocks into batches with younger barrels to build a great whiskey. —Fred Minnick

Wild Turkey Master's Keep Decades....$129.99

104 Proof
Non Chill Filtered
Aged 10-20 Years
This is the 2nd Edition of Master's Keep, it follows up the 17 Year Old release.  It came from the middle and upper floors of the McBrayer Rickhouse.

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