Saturday, April 8, 2017

New Amaro! Dopo Teatro

Dopo Teatro Vermouth Amaro...$18.99 / 500ml
It’s a rare “evening vermouth” called Dopo Teatro on the wake of Piedmonts tradition to drink a small cup of cool vermouth with lemon zest in the evening, maybe after watching a preformance in one of the historic theatres of the Savoy capital.

Vermouth Amaro Cocchi has been created according to the original recipe by Giulio Cocchi where Artemisia was enriched with rhubarb, quassia wood, chiretta and a double infusion of cinchona.
The addition of Barolo Chinato to the base wine gives delicately red nuances and a further soft and complex note – totally Cocchi style.

The richness of the bitter principles makes this vermouth a tonic aperitif and a pleasant end of meal.  Today it is perfect as a bittering ingredient for the best cocktails.

Alcohol content: 16% Vol
Ingredients: wine, sugar, alcohol, aromatic herbs infusion and spices.
Close the bottle with its cap after opening.
Once open, keep chilled and drink within a month

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