Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Boulevard Scotch on Scotch Oak

Boulevard Scotch on Scotch Oak Aged Imperial Scotch Ale..$13.99 / 4pk
Based loosely on Snow & Tell and inspired by our love of Rye on Rye, Scotch On Scotch, a new Smokestack Series Limited Release beer,
Stylistically speaking, Scotch on Scotch is an Imperial Scotch Ale aged on Scotch barrel chips. A massive malt presence is created by layering caramel and amber malts with just a touch of peat smoked malt for additional complexity. Brief resting on oak chips following primary fermentation allows Scotch On Scotch to coax rich woody, char and vanilla notes along with the essence of Scotch whisky into a hearty, warming beer, 
a liquid fireplace of sorts. Hopping with Magnum, Chinook and Northern Brewer hops contributes a spicy earthiness 
to Scotch On Scotch. Scotch whisky barrel chips were suspended in the aging tank in porous bags.

Pouring deep chestnut brown, Scotch on Scotch opens with aromas of fig and raisin punctuated by subtle oak and whisky character. A combination of caramel malts is accented by an addition of dark brown sugar during the boil resulting in suggestions of toffee and molasses and a slightly sticky mouthfeel. Aging on Scotch whisky barrel chips lends complexity and structure to Scotch on Scotch as it tapers to a rich, lingering finish featuring spicy/earthy notes provided by Northern Brewer hops.

At 9.6 ABV and 24 IBUs, Scotch on Scotch is a perfect accompaniment to strong aged cheeses, heavy meat dishes, bread pudding and a fine cigar in your favorite chair.


SimpliciTEA said...


You may want to edit the description to take out "... Stout"


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Thanks, fixed it