Monday, March 13, 2017

La Sirene from Australia

La Sirène Sour Red...$8.99 / 375ml

La Sirène’s Sour Red (6.0% ABV) is a rustic hybrid ale brewed using age-old brewing techniques with modern innovation. Naturally soured using resident lactobacillus bacteria, this sour red ale is comprised of 5 specialty Belgian grains along with fresh organic rose petals and hibiscus to provide a provincial farmhouse style sour red ale experience.
Our Sour Red displays a bright red hue amongst a darker backdrop that pours with a delightful rocky off-white head.
Aroma Profile: Strong stone fruits such as nectarines & plums dominate along with high floral notes of rose and raspberries. Palate: Naturally soured to give a bracing acidity and displays sweet red fruit characters initially with sweet floral tones rounded out with a generous mouthfeel and complimentary malt character. Highly tart and super refreshing by its very nature, the hibiscus & rose petals gives this beer a pronounced floral yet bright finish with a lingering acidity.
100% Bottle Conditioned.
Unfiltered / Unpasteurised / Artisanal

La Sirène Wild Saison...$8.99 / 375ml
A beer for the adventurous, where we take the Saison into wild territory. Fermented and aged with wild Brettanomyces yeast, this is probably Australia’s truest expression of ‘the funk’.
‘Brett’ yeast character has been described as ‘barnyard’, and ‘horse blanket’, so this is not for the faint of heart. Recommended for those who like their pungent cheeses and spontaneously fermented wines.
100% Bottle Conditioned.

Unfiltered / Unpasteurised / Artisanal

La Sirène Paradoxe...$9.99 / 375ml
La Sirène's Paradoxe (4.8% ABV) is a lively and lifted beer that encompasses our in-house natural souring method combined with a lovely Farmhouse style ale and local Australian hop flowers. Born from an urge to create a highly drinkable pale-coloured sour ale that was refreshing and great with food matching. Our Paradoxe is a cloudy Pale-Coloured Ale with a fine white bead when poured
Aromas of tropical fruits, particularly pineapple and green mango encompass your senses then the fresh aromatics from the local hops emerge as white wine and melon characters. The acidity in this beer also has a characteristic lactic creamy aroma.
La Sirène Paradoxe and hence it's name is referring to how this beer crosses over to almost tasting like a fresh white wine. Classic grape characters and juicy yet tangy green fruits dominate with a bracing acidity that delivers a dry, creamy and refreshing finish that very much deserves another! Enjoy.
100% Bottle Conditioned.
Unfiltered / Unpasteurised / Artisanal.

La Sirène Serendipite...$9.99 / 375ml
La Sirène’s Serendipite represents a moment in our brewing life where patience coupled with the unknown yielded a truly memorable limited release beer (available in the USA only).  This barrel aged beauty spent 8 months fermenting in premium recycled French Oak, where the local microflora added complex notes of vinegar, funk and a touch of sourness.
One could be forgiven for thinking that this beer has spent years in barrel with the upfront oak character, which was then promptly dry-hopped with classic American hops to really freshen the experience!
100% Bottle Conditioned.
Unfiltered / Unpasteurised / Artisanal.

La Sirène Wild Tripelle...$9.99 / 375ml
“La Sirène Wild Tripelle is a 100% spontaneously fermented ale produced with our authentic airborne indigenous yeast in Alphington. After extensive trials using our local airborne yeast we are proud to produce the first local beer that gives this beer a sense of place. Built upon a Belgian style Tripel base, we allow the yeast to slowly ferment the wort after natural inncoulation and as a result the beer initially has strong citrus & funky lemon notes aromatically then leads to a full bodied creamy mid palate and finishes dry and lingering with a memorable, malty & wild ale finish.  Wild Tripelle is the first 100% Spontaneously Fermented ale released by La Sirène Brewing under our Coolship program where we incorporate barrels and wild fermentations into beer production to highlight the wonderful flavours that can result in using traditional Belgian brewing techniques.”

La Sirène Brewing - more info
La Sirène Brewing began as a response to a calling to create modern day artisanal farmhouse-style beers with character and identity, which quickly evolved into our life-long obsession. Starting life as gypsy brewers in the Victorian Highlands, our artisan brewing adventures swiftly led us to creating our own Urban Farmhouse Brewery next door to the Darebin Creek & National Park in inner-city Melbourne, Australia.
Blessed with naturally pure soft water, indigenous wild yeast within our brewery, including the national parkland surroundings and at the mercy of unpredicatble Melbourne weather, we consider ourselves 'Farmhouse Free Stylers', as well as mixed, wild and spontaneous fermentation yeast wranglers & alchemists!
An independent family owned & operated Urban Farmhouse Brewery, we are akin to modern-day ‘Saisonniers’ striving for Artistry in brewing; the intrigue of the unknown is what drives us, exploring & pioneering techniques and unique flavour profiles is what inspires us.
We focus on producing New World Farmhouse beers in our House Style with finesse, texture and above all crisp drinkability in humble honour of these age-old styles. Try one of our many Farmhouse beers or Saisons today and let us know what you think.
Yours in brewing,
Costa and the La Sirène Brewing Team

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