Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rowan's Creek and Noah's Mill

Back in stock.  This one comes and goes.  But we now have a good enough supply in stock to actually tell you it is back on the shelf now.

Rowan's Creek

Rowan's Creek Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey...$33.99
Starts out with great spicy, minty notes & when water is added the nose makes you want to set up a tent in the woods! Classic caramel & vanilla notes shine on the palate with light cedar & more mint notes prevailing at the end.  
Color: Auburn
Nose: Intensity– 2.5; Light pepper, rich cologne notes, camping under the stars, eucalyptus, mint
Palate: great caramel & vanilla notes… Very cliché to describe a Bourbon like this, but these notes really shine here. Apricot, cigar boxes and cellars.
Finish:  Length – Medium; Lemon, cedar, light smoke, fresh berries, spearmint

Noah's Mill Bourbon Whiskey $44.99
Aged in wooden barrels, bottled by hand at 57.15% alc./vol. (114.3 proof) Noah’s Mill Genuine Bourbon Whiskey is handmade in the hills of Kentucky. This is a Bourbon of extraordinary character and smoothness not found among younger whiskies. Its superior taste and flavor characteristics are made possible only from using the very finest quality ingredients at the outset along with the long years and patience necessary for nature to mellow everything to perfection. We bottle this Bourbon at a strength that best compliments its age, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it like no other Bourbon.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see these products getting some attention. I hadn't tried them until about 1 -2 month ago. I didn't realize they were produced by Kentucky bourbon distilleries, which is Willett distillery. The same Willett that puts out so many good products. I'm not sure if they carry an age statement but all of willetts stuff is between 2-18 years old. These are 12 and 15 years old if they carry an age statement. I know this because either durning the buying process or droning process I look it up. Long story short, if your new to bourbon then try these, if you have everything then try these.

Jeff said...

I love the Rowans creek. I am looking forward to Noah's Mill next.