Saturday, August 27, 2016

Great 25 year old Rum

Smooth Ambler Revelation Rum...$39.99
Cheapest price on Wine-Searcher is $54.99
Batch #3
Youngest Rum in this batch is 1990
This is 25+ year old rum

As with OldScout Whiskey, we’re excited to bring rare spirits to market when they cross our paths and impress our palates. Revelation is a fine “ron anejo” from the Caribbean, having made the long journey from near the Blue Mountains of Jamaica to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia. It’s smooth, delicious and makes us want to travel someplace warm. Even if it’s just to the back porch.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried it? I know the brand and everything one had had been great. Btw I pick up a new bottle of the old scout sb bp and it was great. I really never looked at the proof but it was higher than another bottle that I had open. 1 was 56% and the other was 60%. I couldn't believe how smooth they were.
So I'm a bourbon collector but mostly drinker. I'm trying to get into rum and tequila. I know the brand put out great products and good price points. I've just never seen or tasted a 20 year old rum or had a good rum. I know I had to buy a bottle of captain so a guest could make butter runs I think.
Is rum like this meant to be drank near or do you make a cocktail?
Thanks for the info

Paul Hayden said...

I did not get a chance to try and now there is only 1 bottle left already. On these aged rums, neat is the way to go. No need to mix. Drink them like a bourbon or whiskey. Aged rum has become a hot category now for whiskey drinkers. I have tried a number of the aged rums we have and there are a lot of fantastic ones out there now. The prices are not too bad either.

Lyndon Quon said...

Paul, I'm with you. I like to drink my top-shelf rums neat, to experience the complexities. But not to be contrary to what I just said, the folks who introduced and popularized the tiki drink movement (mixing rum-based cocktails), Vic Bergeron of Trader Vic's and Donn Beach of Don the Beachcomber's, actively sought out and used the finest rums on the market to make their mixed drinks. Their thought was that the finest rum made for the finest tiki cocktail. Who am I to argue with the founding fathers of an entire drink style? LOL! But I still can't bring myself to mix my top-shelf liquor.

Paul Hayden said...

Yes, like they say in cooking, your dish is only as good as your weakest ingredient. Same holds true for mixed drinks.

Anonymous said...

Dang I literally tried to order it right after your post. Any other recommendations

Paul Hayden said...

The Zafra 21 Year old is very good at $45.99 to try something with some age.

Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks