Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Green Bench Limited Releases

Green Bench Shopping Cart Cowboys...$12.99 / pint
In 1925 James Earl "Doc" Webb opened a small drug store in downtown St. Petersburg.  By 1951 the drugstore covered more than seven blocks, hosed seventy-seven departments, and served and aver of 60,000 customers daily.  James sold extremely wide variety of products while keeping the original name of Webb's City Drug Store, coining the business as the "World's Most Unusual Drug Store.
Never passing up an opportunity to draw a crowd, Doc Webb dressed his staff into cowboy costumes to collect shopping carts in the parking lot, encouraging them all to lasso the carts from customers.  Shopping Cart Cowboys is a Golden Sour Ale brewed with Lactobacillus and two strains of Brettanomyces that was aged in White Wine Barrels with Grapefruit.

Green Bench St. Peter's Saison de Blanc Noir....$9.99 / pint
Brett version aged in wine barrels -- 7.3% ABV
By combining the rustic, peppery flavors of our farmhouse yeast strain with the complex dark fruit notes of roasted wheat and dark Belgian candi syrups, we’ve created an intricately delicate “Black Saison” that contains ornate notes of raisins, dark grape, and peppercorns.

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