Friday, April 29, 2016

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cherries

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Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cherries...$13.99 / 11oz
Muddle, garnish, and top your favorite cocktails with Woodford Reserve® Bourbon Cherries. Gorgeous deep ruby color with a long stem and no pit. Made from natural ingredients, these cherries bring a brightness along with hints of Kentucky’s finest bourbon to recipes.
Refrigerate after opening

Woodford Reserve® Mint Julep Sugar...$8.99 / 5oz
What is more fitting than one of the world”s best bourbons paired with the Kentucky Derby”s official drink? Woodford Reserve® Mint Julep Sugar combines natural mint flavors with Demerara sugar to make a sugar that is perfect for cocktails, desserts, or rubs.
Woodford Reserve Aromatic Bitters....$13.99 /100ml
Though aromatic bitters are no stranger to well-stocked liquor cabinets and bars, Woodford Reserve Aromatic Bitters are carefully crafted to pull out the essential flavors of your favorite cocktail. Try making a martini or Manhattan with Woodford Reserve® Aromatic Bitters.
Alcohol is 45%

Woodford Reserve Sassafras and Sorghum Bitters...$13.99 / 100ml

Sorghum was once America’s preferred sweetener, and it is still a Kentucky staple. By combining the earthy and unforgettable flavors of Kentucky sorghum with the natural sweetness of sassafras, Woodford Reserve Sassafras and Sorghum Bitters creates brightness in any cocktail. Use Sassafras and Sorghum Bitters in a classic Manhattan for a Rootbeer Manhattan, or add a dash to an Old Fashioned.

Woodford Reserve Spiced Cherry Bitters...$13.99 / 100ml

The distinct, natural flavors of Woodford Reserve Spiced Cherry Bitters highlights flavors of any cocktail, while also adding distinct cherry notes. Try making a Spiced Cherry Manhattan with Woodford Reserve® Spiced Cherry Bitters.
Spiced Cherry Flavor

Alcohol is 45%

Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Simple Syrup...$6.99 / 100ml
Featured in Woodford Reserve’s 2014 $1,000 Mint Julep Simple Syrup. This simple syrup is rich and minty. Made from a raw Demerara sugar, the unique taste of this simple syrup is perfect in cocktails, coffee, and other drinks.

Woodford Reserve Sorghum Vinaigrette...$9.99 / 8oz
Woodford Reserve Bourbon Sorghum Vinaigrette salad dressing combines the finest Kentucky canesorghum syrup with the many delicious flavor notes of Woodford Reserve®. Sorghum Viniagrette was developed by Chef in Residence, Ouita Michel of Holly Hill Inn and Woodford Reserve. Try drizzling Bourbon Sorghum Vinaigrette over a baby greens salad, in pasta salad, or as a marinade.

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