Friday, April 29, 2016

La Trappe OAK AGED Batch #23

La Trappe OAK AGED Quadrupel Trappist Ale...$16.99 / 375ml
New - BATCH 23
For this beer, the following barrels were used in the following proportions:

80% Spatburgunder
10% New Oak Medium Toast
5% New Oak High Toast
5% Acacia Wood
We have meanwhile proudly presented BATCH 23.
Exactly three years ago the famous Oak Aged Spätburgunder was first launched on the market. This second version of the famous German red wine is strikingly different. Both in terms of bouquet and taste the aroma of this pinot noir is very recognisable. There are also notes of sweet apple, banana and dates. The overall taste association produces an effect of spices. The fairly rigorous carbonization ensures a tantalising aroma and flavour. The taste includes a lot of wood tannins. This comes from a subtly sweet red wine that hints at a port wine. The taste lingers and slowly develops with a red-wine aftertaste. With a gentle hint of tobacco, this BATCH 23 from the famous Quadrupel is beery and full-flavoured. The alcohol remains firmly in the background, although the 11% of the Quadrupel is preserved.

Oak Aged
In 2009, Beerbrewery the Koningshoeven decided to restore an old tradition and started to mature La Trappe Quadrupel in barriques (wooden barrels). This traditional way of aging in wooden barrels got more and more into the background in the 20st century. Koningshoeven thought 2010 was the right time for this tradition to be picked up again. Maturing the beer for about 12 months on the wooden barrels creates a unique, complex flavour. The taste varies by the type of barrel that is used.
This beer can be stored for many years and is a treat for the true beer lover. The full, complex flavour with many types of tannin, however, will also surprise many wine drinkers!

Types of barrels
We use different types of barrels, both new and used. The new barrels provide tannins, vanilla and almond associations. The used barrels provide an interesting taste combination which varies according to what fluid the barrels originally were filled with. The first filling / batch of Quadrupel Oak Aged is available from June 18, 2010. The batch number is stated on the back label.

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