Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cheese Features

Rock Hill location cheese feature:
Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise
Tarentaise incorporates alpine traditions of European cheese making while exhibiting a distinct flavor unique to the Vermont pastures in which the cows graze. Once the milk flows from the milk house to the make room, it takes over 10 months of care and aging by the cheese makers at the Farm before it reaches a peak flavor profile. No preservative, synthetic flavors, additives or waxes are used. Tarentaise uses a natural aging process in which the cheese makers encourage the growth and development of beneficial live cultures on the rind. This produces a complex flavor and imparts a warm caramel color to a rind which develops over this time. By the time Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise is ready for sale, each approximately 20 pound wheel of cheese has been turned and washed at least 60 times in the state-of-the-art aging room.

2014:Best in Show (Tarentaise Reserve), American Cheese Society, California
1st Place in Category, American Cheese Society, California
Good Food Awards, California - click to see more awards

Farms For City Kids Foundation, Inc
All funds from the sale of Spring Brook Farm Tarentaise and Reading go to support the Farms For City Kids Foundation. - click here to read more

Ballwin location cheese feature
Naked Goat

The cheese is aged 9 months, and offers a robust, piquant, and earthly complex flavor profile that smacks of a bright minerality and the dry grasses of the Spanish plains.
Naked Goat® is a Murcia Curado PDO cheese. It is a mild and creamy cheese without goatiness. The finish is rather sweet. This cheese is perfect for melting. For cheese plates, pair with almonds in honey, fruit and mustard sauce, and a crisp white wine.

Forsyth and New Ballas Cheese Feature - Jasper Hill
Jasper Hill Farm Moses Sleeper

from Greensboro, Vermont.
We are big fans of Jasper Hill Farms and Moses Sleeper is an amazing cheese from them. If you like Fromage d'Affinois, take the next step and try Moses Sleeper. It is buttery like the Affinois, but it has so many more layers of complexity. Come in for a free taste while it lasts. This cheese begs for a glass of Champagne!!  Let the party begin!

Forsyth and New Ballas Cheese Feature - Jasper Hill
Jasper Hill Farms - Willoughby
WILLOUGHBY is an original creation of Marisa Mauro’s Ploughgate Creamery, a Cellars collaborator that ceased production of the cheese after a creamery fire in 2011. With Marisa’s blessing we resurrect this pudgy little washed-rind and have continued to develop the recipe at Jasper Hill Creamery.

SENSORY NOTES - This succulent and buttery washed-rind cheese has aromas of peat, roasted beef and onions – a strong and complex front for the subtle milky, herbal, ripe-peach flavors within. Willoughby has a thin, tender, rosy-orange rind, which adds earthy dimension to the texture and flavors of the gooey interior.

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