Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ezra Brooks Ezra B 12 Year Old Single Barrel

So this is another 12 year old that is going away.
We just scored a few more cases
Stock up now as it is no longer being produced.

Ezra B Single Barrel Bourbon 12 Year Old...$29.99
Aged 12 years for single barrel 
proof 99
taste: a medium to full body with a rich sweetness of vanilla, honey, and a hint of chocolate.
Finish: toasty, long finish

Carefully stored away and undisturbed for 12 years inside select, heavily charred White Oak Barrels until it reaches its peak of smoothness, Ezra B 99 Proof Single Barrel Bourbon is truly a smooth, mellow bourbon whiskey. Backed behind seven generations of whiskey producing tradition, Ezra B uses only the choicest of grains, perfect limestone water, and special natural aging to acquire its exceptional flavor and character. Each hand-crafted bottle of Ezra B, topped with a wax sealed cork finish, perfectly personifies its character and sophistication, and should be enjoyed extra slowly to appreciate its unique flavor, aroma and full body.


Anonymous said...

Have they taken the 12 year age statement off Elijah Craig?

Paul Hayden said...

Elijah Craig moved the 12 year old statement to the back label about 8 months ago. They did announce that it will no longer be labeled 12 year old anymore - it will range 8-10 year now. We bought about 20 cases of the 12 year old to hold us over for a little bit.

The Ezra Brooks is apparently coming back as a 12 year old at a higher proof, but also a much higher price, I heard it could be $70+. We did officially here there will be no more bottled as this 12 year old 99 proof.

Paul Hayden said...

The current bottles we have still have the 12 year old statement but it is on the back label. Not the front. Eventually it will be taken off when it is only 8-10 years old.

Anonymous said...

Are these at the Clayton store only, or have some cases been sent to the other stores?