Saturday, February 27, 2016

New Belgium Hoppy Blonde

New Belgium Hoppy Blonde...$8.49 / 6pk
Take the leap and hop into the tropics with Hoppy Blonde Ale. This easy-drinking beer sips light and refreshing with a soft malt base, while vibrant notes of mango, lemon, blueberry and pine spring across the tongue courtesy of Mosaic, UK Admiral and Centennial dry-hopping. Light enough to session, but with a head rush of hops, Hoppy Blonde will leave you jumping for more.

Dry-hopping adds more aroma and flavor without adding additional bitterness. Heat sensitive aromatic hop essential oils that otherwise were lost in the brewhouse are captured here. In this case: Mosaic: rich in mango, lemon, citrus, pine and blueberry and earthy; UK Admiral: hints of citrus with herbal and earthy flavors as well; Centennial: floral and citrus tones.

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