Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Booker's Bourbon Small Batch Bourbon Bluegrass

Booker's Bourbon Small Batch Bourbon Bluegrass....$42.99
“The first batch of Bookers for 2016 is made up of barrels that were stored in 7 different rack houses. 61% of the barrels were stored in 9 story houses, 34% were stored in 7 story houses, and remaining 5% were stored in a 5 story rack house. The ages of the barrels in the batch range from 6 years 11 months old to 7 years 11 months old. The deep amber color reflects the complex aroma and flavor of the batch to be bottled. The nose is pleasant with the vanilla and toasted nuts that is inviting and makes you eager to sip this great bourbon. The flavor of this batch is smooth and well balanced with a finish that I enjoyed neat without adding any water.”
Fred Noe

Booker’s Bourbon is proud to release Booker's Bluegrass, the inaugural batch in the 2016 limited-edition collection, which pays tribute to two of founding distiller Booker Noe's favorite things - whiskey and music. While he is best known for the creation of his namesake full-bodied whiskey, he is also remembered by friends and family for his love of bluegrass music, both listening and dancing to it. Booker was light on his feet and his larger-than-life personality took over the dance floor in true Booker style. He was even known to join the band from time to time. Booker's Bluegrass celebrates Booker living life to the fullest - whether on the dance floor or in the rack house. It is bottled uncut at its natural proof, yielding a robust whiskey with intense flavor - just as Booker preferred.

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