Thursday, January 7, 2016

White Winter Mead

White Winter Black Mead...$17.99
Black Mead - Traditionally called a Melomel, Black Mead is a light, dry fruity mead made from black currants and honey. Enjoy the earthy and tangy flavor of currants and the spiciness that comes from the American oak aging. Serve as you would any dry red wine at room temperature. 11.5% ABV

White Winter Blueberry Mead...$15.99

White Winter Winery Blueberry Mead - A semi-sweet blueberry with subtle fruit aroma and velvety mouth feel with a spicy finish.
One of the mead makers person favorites. 11.5% ABV.

White Winter Strawberry Mead...$15.99

White Winter Winery Strawberry Mead- made with fresh picked strawberries in a blush style, semi-dry, fruity but not overly sweet. Pairs well with fresh fruit and cheese. 11.5% ABV.

This is a great mead to enjoy on the deck or on the boat with fresh fruit and cheese. A delicious and easy way to entertain and enjoy the fruits of summer.

White Winter Cyser Mead...$15.99
White Winter Winery Cyser - Semi-Sweet made with fresh apple cider and honey. Embrace fall with the apple & honey taste of the season! Excellent with sharp cheeses, pork, and spicy foods. In the flavor neighborhood of a German or late harvest Riesling. 11.5% ABV.
Bronze Award I.E.W.C. 2003, Gold Award - Int'l Mead Competition 2004, Gold Medal Great Lakes Ole World Syder Competition 2005.

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