Thursday, January 7, 2016

Side Project The Scribe Release Party!

EMAILS SENT.  This event is sold out via email invite only.

BRC emails for the rest of the bottles will be sent Saturday morning on January 9th.  You have until 7pm Friday night January 8th to purchase towards the bottle release.

The Scribe Release Party!

Friday January 8th at 6pm
The Wine and Cheese Place - 7435 Frosyth Blvd.

Meet Cory and Karen King of Side Project Brewing!
We will Taste.....
  • Side Project The Scribe (of course)
  • Side Project Derivation #1
  • Side Project Derivation #2  **
  • Side Project Derivation #3  **
  • Side Project Derivation #4

** Just added.  Cory was nice enough to add these to the tasting.  He said this will be the first time he has tried all 4 side by side!

Price will be $20 per person to attend the event
It will be invite only via our BRC -
We will start with the top 30 people in the BRC from October 12th-January 2nd -7pm 

Each person at the event will be allocated up to 2 bottles if they would like them to purchase.
Side Project The Scribe...$29.99 / 750ml

We have 240 bottles, the last 180 bottles will go down the list of our BRC.  The report for the 180 or so left will run through Friday January 8th at 7pm.  Emails will be sent out Saturday morning.

The Scribe will be release through our BRC program based on Beer only purchases starting from October 12 until its release.

Side Project The Scribe 
13% ABV
Brewed 1/22/14
TWCP Elijah Craig 12 and Henry McKenna barrels and a Cabernet barrel.
The Scribe is the collaboration between Side Project and Perennial Artisan Ales. Its a huge, rich, soured Quad that was inspired by our favorited mead called The Heart of Darkness from Schramm's. It was aged in a Cabernet and bourbon barrels on black currants, sweet cherries and raspberries before being blended back and bottle conditioned... Drinks more like a mead or nice port than a beer!

VERY IMPORTANT:  Make sure you give your phone number each time you check out if you are a member of the BRC.


jimmyr78 said...

Beer only purchases or all purchases count toward this one?

Paul Hayden said...

This is Beer only

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the remaining "report for the remaining 180 bottles" phrase. If I'm not a special member, but come after the party, would it be possible to purchase a bottle? Or are all the bottles potentially selling to the special members? I just am curious if I should travel there. Thanks!

Unknown said...

The other 180 bottles will be released through their "beer rewards club" (special members)

Paul Hayden said...

Yes, correct, there will be none left for the shelf or after the event. It will just go through our Beer Reward Club.