Thursday, January 14, 2016

2nd Shift BA Variant release update

Back in stock 2nd Shift Katy, Cat Spit Stout, Hibiscus Wit, Mullineaux #3 and #5, Brew Cocky, LSD,  Weiss and Virtue....

We will release Chateau La Douchebag via BRC to the top 11 supporters of 2nd Shift in our BRC.  Will print the report first thing in the morning - Jan 15th.

We only got 12 bottles, but we need to try one of these bottles at the store.

2nd Shift Barrel Aged Vanilla Cat Spit should arrive next week!
Aged in Crown Royal Barrel

The Barrel Aged 2nd Shift VANILLA Cat Spit Stout was bottled today!
They are being waxed tomorrow. Arriving at The Wine and Cheese Place very soon.

According to Libby "Much different from the LSD, smooth, and loads of coffee notes. Not as boozy as BA LSD. It is sweeter. Vanilla is there, but only a trace. More of an enhancement of barrel and coffee notes."

A big thank you to Steve and Libby Crider

Pulling Vanilla Cat Spit Stout out of the barrel!!

BRC releases coming soon 
  • 2nd Shift Barrel Aged Vanilla Cat Spit (1 barrel)  - just bottled!
  • 2nd Shift Barrel Aged LSD (3 barrels) should be next

2nd Shift BA beers will be partially allocated based on 2nd Shift support.  These next 4 barrels will be based on the start of our new POS system (October 12th until a few days before the release--soon!)

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