Saturday, November 7, 2015

Signatory releases

Signatory Allt-ABhainne 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch...$54.99
AGED: 18 years
DISTILLED ON: September 22, 1995
BOTTLE ON: July 28, 2014
MATURED IN: Hogshead
CASK NO: 147077
BOTTLE NO: of 329
Found in the Southern part of Scotland’s Speyside region in 1975, Allt-A-Bhainne supplies malt whiskey for Chivas blends. Created as a subsidiary of Seagram’s, the small distillery creates malts through a simplified distilling process that features barrels manned by a single staff member. After a brief hiatus, the distillery was re-opened in 2005 due to high demand for the nuanced, high-quality spirits.

COLOR: pale lemony gold
NOSE: pear, apple peels, orange blossom, pepper, zest and honey
TASTE: tangy and fruity, with notes of peppermint, stewed apples, cinnamon and dark honey.
FINISH: : bittersweet, with notes of sawdust and cut hay.
ABV: 43%

Signatory Dufftown Single Malt Scotch 16 Year Old....$54.99
AGED: 16 years
DISTILLED ON: December 9, 1997
BOTTLE ON: October 14, 2014
MATURED IN: Hogshead
CASK NO: 19493
BOTTLE NO: of 378
Founded as “Dufftown-Glenlivet Distillery,” this Speyside distillery is currently owned by Diageo. Once used as a mill, the building was converted in 1896, and today the distillery operates six stills and has a capacity of 4,000,000 litres per year.
COLOR: Amber
NOSE: Slightly spicy and drying, overall. Toffee apples and hints of honeycomb. Becomes fruitier: ripe autumn fruits combined with red berry sharpness. Some golden syrup sweetness. Reassuringly well balanced. Adding water brings up a waxier note initially, with traces of sweet chestnut and and then a whiff of smoke or charred wood.
TASTE: Without water, the flavor is sweet to start then drying in the finish. Warming, light and smooth; tending to delicate. Fresh fruit with spicy top notes.
FINISH: Drying. Pears and digestive biscuits, then delicately spiced with notes of cinnamon.
ABV: 46%

Signatory Fettercairn 1996 Single Malt Scotch 17 Year Old....$53.99
Aged 17 Years
Distilled on Sept 30, 1996
Bottled on July 28, 2014
Matured in Hogshead
Cask No. 4350
Only 342 bottles produced
Sir Alexander Ramsay opened Fettercairn in a refurbished corn mill in 1824. The distillery, which was only the second legalized distillery under the Excise Act, is located in Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland’s Eastern Highlands. Now owned by Whyte & Mackay, the distillery blends light, balanced whiskies.

COLOR: amber
NOSE: malt extract, sesame thins and thick, rich turbinado sugar.
TASTE: sweet, green apple with caramelized brown sugar.
FINISH: tarte tatin fades into crème brûlee, with a suggestion of old oak.
ABV: 43%

Signatory Highland Park Unchillfiltered 1999....$99.99
Aged 15 Years
Distilled on Sept 15, 1999
Bottled on Nov 27, 2014
Matured in Bourbon Barrel
Cask No. 800168
Only 264 bottles produced
46% ABV
Established in 1798, Highland Park is one of the most remote Scotch whisky distilleries in the world. Located on in the Orkney islands, the distillery has been producing premiere malts for over 200 years. Its unique location allows Highland Park to produce spirits of unparalleled taste and quality.


COLOR: golden wheat
NOSE: Sweet stewed apple, fruity gummi chews, pear drops, rhubarb and custard sweets, porridge (with dark demerara sugar) and hints of furniture polish.
TASTE: Softer than expected to start, with cream and gentle ground cinnamon spiciness. Fruit rolls in behind that, with raisins and apple joined by cinnamon bark and soft flapjacks. There’s an elegant mustiness hiding behind the fruit, like an old cupboard, with hints of flamed orange zest appearing right at the end.
FINISH: Gentle cinnamon and nutmeg spiced porridge, with sweet grass and hay notes growing as it fades.
ABV: 46%

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