Saturday, November 7, 2015

RAW MILK Emmentaler

In stock at Forsyth only, much harder to find raw milk version.  
Aged over 120 days
Emmentaler AOC Raw Milk Cheese...$19.99 / lb
"The raw milk used to make cheese such as Emmentaler AOC other cheese specialities is processed into cheese without undergoing heat treatment. As a result, the enzymes and bacteria inherently present in milk are still active in their natural environment. This becomes evident as the cheese matures because they produce aromas that do not exist in pasteurised cheese. Raw milk cheeses therefore become stronger with age.

When making cheese from pasteurised milk, the milk is heated to approx. 75°C and then cooled down again prior to cheesemaking. This inactivates the enzymes and bacteria inherently present in milk. Special aroma-forming substances (bacteria) are used to make the cheese mature. Cheese made from pasteurised milk is usually consumed when it is younger. It is also often milder tasting than raw milk cheese. Well-known varieties include Green Tilsiter, Mozzarella and most soft cheese." - Cheese of Switzerland

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