Monday, October 26, 2015

Wood Hat Liqueurs

Wood Hat Black Walnut Liqueur....$37.99 / 375ml
Wood Hat's Black Walnut Liqueur is produced locally from tree to glass.
Our handcrafted, artisan liqueur captures the essence of the native black walnut using alcohol made from our locally grown, all natural corn and wheat. Sarah has adapted a traditional Italian recipe for Nocino to transform Missouri's over-looked black walnut into a spicy after dinner drink which may also be used to brighten a cocktail.
Gary Hinegardner

Wood Hat Persimmon Cordial...$26.99 / 375ml
Wood Hat's Persimmon Cordial is produced locally from tree to glass.  One sip of our handcrafted artisan liqueur takes you on a journey to a crisp fall day relishing the character of freshly picked, ripe persimmons with a hint of cinnamon and cloves

Wood Hat Berry Berry Cordial...$19.99 / 375ml
Wood Hat’s Berry Berry Cordial is produced locally, from field to glass. Our hand-crafted artisan cordial captures the essence of locally grown blackberries. The corn and wheat are also grown and ground locally, all natural and untreated. We ferment and distill our products with the utmost care. Hand-crafting a unique cordial is like turning a hat out of wood, it is what you carve away that gives it shape. Although costly, we keep only the very best.
Gary Hinegardner

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